A Modern Twist on Mainstream Math

Engaging, action-driven challenges and interactive activities within each game motivate students to explore and experience math like never before.

Students use geometry, algebra and proportional reasoning to engage in fun tasks such as, measuring a roller coaster ride, building a skateboard ramp, making mouth-watering recipes or traveling the globe on a rock and roll tour. Once students experience the value of math in everyday life, learning becomes relevant, real and rewarding. Through curiosity, exploration and determination to succeed, learners grasp critical concepts, build confidence and gain valuable 21st century skills.

Each interactive project includes
  • Teacher guides/educator resources
  • Lesson plans and interactive activities
  • Standards alignment chart
  • Rich multimedia and video
  • Helpful tips and hints for classroom integration
How the Projects Came to Life

The STEM Collaborative was formed when four public television stations with a steadfast commitment to classroom and community education were awarded a Local Service Initiative grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to create innovative digital content in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subject areas. Maryland Public Television, Arkansas Educational Television Network, Alabama Public Television and Kentucky Educational Television formed key partnerships with education groups, subject area experts, and local organizations to assess the needs of middle school educators and students and chart an appropriate course for project development.

Equipped with the needs and priorities of their respective regions, the group came together as a larger unit to share project goals, content focus and creative direction. Stations worked closely together throughout the project development process to share best practices and strategies in order to produce high quality products that would prove not only useful to their local communities but also reaching national education communities.

Cool Teaching Tools to Fit Into Curriculums

A strong team of math content experts, educators and producers created the project’s rich media resources to be a value in the middle school curriculum. To ease integration into classroom instruction resources are aligned to national content standards and include educator supports to help teachers use them most effectively.

Best of all, these tools provide an alternative way to teach required content using an interactive approach that resonates well with media-driven youth. The online activities can easily be used to replace a standard worksheet or a pencil-and-paper driven assignment.

Key math concepts within geometry, pre-algebra, Algebra I and II are covered. Interactive experiences with measurement, scale, proportional reasoning, balance, weight, volume and others will encourage active learning, strengthen students’ core understanding of middle school math concepts, and reinforce reasons to love math!